We put together some frequently asked questions about our us and our customer service courses.

What exactly do you do?

We work one-on-one with your sales people and store managers to increase your sales.

What’s the difference between All Star Coaching and typical sales training?

We are not a sales training organization. All Star Coaching sends certified coaches to your store. These coaches teach face-to-face communication skills and work alongside your sales people demonstrating and coaching. You do not have to send your people somewhere for training.

Do I have to abandon my present sales training?

No. You keep your sales training and processes in place. We integrate our personal skills into your processes.

Why would I need this in my stores?

Most of our retail sales people belong to The Millennials Generation. Our observations (supported by credible research) have shown that this generation’s reliance on social networking technology for relationships has made it very difficult for them to have meaningful face-to-face encounters with others.

Studies show that one characteristic of Millennial Generation is that they do not prefer face-to-face encounters. Retail is a face-to-face business. Sales are suffering because our Gen Y sales people lack the personal relationship skills to relate well to our customers. Our technology has become one of our biggest barriers to higher sales. We solve this problem.

How does this work?

Our trained All Star Coaches spend one week in your store. They teach your sales people and store managers how to make your sales process more powerful through better human relations skills.

Do you conduct any follow-up?

Yes, we return to your stores monthly for one year to help improve your sales and to help your store managers understand what they can do to increase sales.

What do you do with the store managers?

In addition to teaching them our special interpersonal skills technique, we also teach them how to observe sales behavior and how to help your sales people improve based on their observation.

Do you offer anything for my district managers?

Yes. First, we suggest they attend our first week in one of their stores. W further suggest they accompany our All Star Coach during the monthly follow-up visits so they will see what has been accomplished and what needs to be improved. This helps your district managers develop an improvement plan for the store managers and their stores.
In addition, we give your district managers The District Manager Handbook for Productive Store Visits. Optional district manager roundtables are also offered.

What is a district manager roundtable?

Each month, our coaches meet with several district managers at a time to review the outcome of store visits and discoveries made. We review action plans from the previous month and create action plans for the coming month.

What experience do you have in this field?

More than 25 years of examining client sales and management process, redesigning those process for greater effectiveness, training to the new processes and coaching sales people, store managers, district managers, regional managers and executives in their role of increasing sales productivity.

What does it cost?

This is one of the great aspects of this innovative way of increasing your sales. Our clients are on an annual subscription to our services. Monthly costs depend on the number of stores and their locations. District manager roundtables are additional charges and can be included in the annual subscription.

How can I be certain this will work?

This is another great characteristic of All Star Coaching. We guarantee that you will earn the entire annual subscription back in the first 90 days or you can cancel the subscription for that store and we will refund all you have paid for our services for that store. Our 100% services are risk-free.