Developing our process for over 25 years…

25 Years of Staff TrainingOur in-store coaches teach a four-step face-to-face communication skill set that enables your sales associates to develop and nurture better relationships with your customers. This new relationship raises their closing rate, increases the value of each sale and increases the probability of referral business.

We have developed this process over the past 25 years while training in the wireless communications industry. We know it works.

Ensuring results, sets us apart

Once training is complete, our coaches work side-by-side with your sales associates demonstrating the face-to-face communication skills and coach your sales associates to higher levels of sales. Our coaches also sell for you while in your store.

Our 90 Day Guarantee

If you train our staff on your product or service, we guarantee that you will realize at least 100% return on your subscription investment within the first 90 Days or your money is refunded in full and you may cancel your subscription.

That is good news for you, and something unheard of in other coaching and training companies.

How can we do this?

The answer is that we’ve been in the personal and professional development business for over 25 years, specializing in wireless communications. We know what is going on in the stores, what the sales people experience and fear. We also know how to help them overcome their fears and sell more.

That’s the unique skill we teach and coach. We know it works, and if we know your product it’s easy to guarantee the results.